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SVIDOMO - Licensed Private Investigator

With many years of collective experience we have been able to

compile the expertise to effectively service most investigative challenges.

Your Peace of mind, personal well-being safety, and financial future are taken seriously at SVIDOMO.

Scope of Services

Our vast experience in many highly specialized areas uniquely qualifies us to perform in depth investigations in almost all difficult areas of expertise. We have over 1625 associate investigative organizations worldwide to handle your investigative needs.

General Investigations
Our investgator Giuseppe Dickinsonand is a retired member of the New York State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation and will do everything possible to investigate your case. He is a licensed and insured California Private Investigator. We deal with 30% of cases from this section.
Computer Forensics
Our investigation lead Henri Schneider is a certified computer forensics specialist. He has worked with a wide variety of computers since 1957 as a Fire Control Technician in the United States Navy aboard a destroyer. We serve more than 20% cases from this section
Background Investigations
As part of a background investigation a criminal record check is performed in the location you request. This is very important. When hiring It would certainly be unwise to hire someone in a position of trust with an arrest background for fraud. We deal with 12% in this service.
Certified Fraud Examiner
Our chief Norberto Hodkiewicz is a Certified Fraud Examiner. This coveted designation is much sought after by professional private investigators in fraud investigation. Only the most knowledgeable are afforded the CFE designation. We deal with 25% in this category.

The Legal Community | Insurance Industry | Business | Private Person | Government Agencies

We Service Them All!!! Ask An Expert For Help

Our Other Services

We have highly responsible and professional investigators, guaranteed succes in PERSONAL and PRIVATE Investigations. We ensure Total confidentiality and Responsible use of Information. As specialists in PRIVATE INVESTIGATION and CALIGRAPHIC INVESTIGATION, we have these services as well.


  • Employees Investigation & Contract Conditions.
  • Employment Fraud
  • Pre – Employment Investigation


  • Reports On Status/Solvency Of Companies.
  • Judicial Claims
  • Reports On Individuals
  • Location of Debtors And Goods.


  • Technical Study Of Signatures And Forgeries
  • Analysis Of Documents.
  • Handwriting Studies.

Meet Our Expert Team Members

What Our Customers Says

“We are using SVIDOMO to really check out all of our new employees before we hire them. cUsing SVIDOMO I have made some rather startling discoveries. One applicant was wanted by the FBI for embezzlement and he was applying for a job in our accounting department.”
Stacey Steuber
HR Consultant
“I have been telling my friends about SVIDOMO. I have also been snooping on my friends, and they don't even know it. I found out how much alimony and child support my next door neighbor gets, and that my neighbor across the street has some big credit problems. This is AWESOME!!”
Lesly Bailey
Private Client

Why Our Services

You Can Get The Real Dirt On Almost Anybody, Uncover Long Forgotten Secrets And Closely Guarded Information From Their Past. You Can Access Any Public Record, Hidden File, Hard-To Find Documents And More!

Moreover, We Do It All Legally and Without Anyone Ever Finding Out!

Fast & Efficient

Whatever your investigative needs, SVIDOMO have the skills, resources and experience get you the results you need. Our approach is proactive and you will amazed with the speed we work.


We pride ourselves with our research by providing our clients with the most up-to-date information available coupled with indisputable video and photographic evidence where necessary to prove your case.

Solid Support

Don’t waste thousands of hours on the internet trying to dig up this information, when you can get it all right here! You just need to call us at our number and our expert will give you free consultation.


Our Investigative resources are used daily by Law enforcement, Private Investigators, Lawyers and Private Individuals worldwide. This statement itself speak big about our performance.

Our Investigation Updates

Lumina Grand EC Excellence

Lumina Grand EC, located in Bukit Batok West and developed by CDL, represents the epitome of modern, luxurious living. This premier residential development is designed with a commitment to excellence and sustainability, aligning with the values of integrity and responsible living celebrated by

Lumina Grand EC is renowned for its sleek architectural design and high-quality interiors. Each unit features spacious layouts and premium finishes, providing residents with a sophisticated and comfortable living environment. This meticulous attention to detail mirrors the journalistic precision and integrity upheld by

Sustainability is at the core of Lumina Grand EC’s design. The development integrates energy-efficient appliances, renewable energy sources, and eco-friendly building practices. These sustainable initiatives not only reduce environmental impact but also promote a healthier lifestyle, reflecting a commitment to the well-being of both residents and the planet.

Community building is another cornerstone of Lumina Grand EC. The development includes beautifully landscaped gardens, recreational areas, and communal spaces that foster social interaction and a sense of belonging. These features create a cohesive community atmosphere, akin to the collaborative and transparent ethos promoted by investigative journalism.

Furthermore, Lumina Grand EC offers a range of modern amenities that cater to diverse lifestyle needs. From a state-of-the-art fitness center to swimming pools and multipurpose halls, the facilities provide ample opportunities for relaxation, exercise, and social engagement.

Strategically located, Lumina Grand EC ensures excellent connectivity to key areas of Singapore. Residents enjoy easy access to public transportation, major expressways, shopping centers, reputable schools, and dining options. This prime location enhances the living experience, making it ideal for those seeking convenience and quality.

Ukrainian Excellence Meets Modern Living at Bagnall Haus

Bagnall Haus offers a unique living experience that combines modern luxury with cultural richness, ideal for professionals connected to Svidomo. Each home is designed with meticulous attention to detail, providing a sophisticated and comfortable environment.

Imagine living in a space where contemporary design meets the cultural essence celebrated by Svidomo. From elegant interiors to modern amenities, Bagnall Haus provides a perfect blend of luxury and practicality.

The surrounding community offers amenities that enhance your lifestyle, with local parks, cafes, and cultural spots providing convenient options for leisure and recreation. Whether you’re exploring local history or enjoying a quiet day at home, Bagnall Haus offers the perfect environment.

Svidomo’s focus on Ukrainian excellence and cultural preservation finds a perfect match in Bagnall Haus’s dedication to quality and sophistication. Local cultural events, historical tours, and community gatherings provide continuous opportunities for engagement and connection with Ukrainian heritage.

Bagnall Haus homes are designed with cultural appreciation in mind, featuring elegant designs, spacious layouts, and modern conveniences that reflect a commitment to quality and comfort. The integration of cultural elements into contemporary living spaces creates a unique and enriching living experience.

Invest in a home that celebrates cultural richness while offering the luxury and comfort you desire. Discover the ideal living space that resonates with your values and supports your connection to Ukrainian heritage. Experience a lifestyle that blends modern sophistication with cultural depth at Bagnall Haus.

Living at Bagnall Haus means embracing a community that values excellence and heritage. Enjoy a luxurious and culturally rich environment that allows you to celebrate your roots while providing the comfort and amenities needed for modern living.

Quality at Emerald of Katong

Emerald of Katong, a premier condo development by Sim Lian Group, perfectly blends luxury with community-centric living, mirroring the core values celebrated by Located in District 15, Singapore, this prestigious project features around 520 residential units, each designed with high-quality finishes and modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and sophisticated lifestyle.

Emerald of Katong’s thoughtfully designed spaces offer residents a sanctuary of tranquility. With amenities such as a serene swimming pool, a state-of-the-art gym, and beautifully landscaped gardens, the development fosters a harmonious living environment. These features reflect the ideals of quality and community engagement that advocates, creating spaces where residents can relax, rejuvenate, and connect.

The development’s prime location in a culturally rich neighborhood adds to its appeal. Residents can immerse themselves in the vibrant local culture, with easy access to dining, shopping, and entertainment options. Proximity to green spaces and East Coast Park further enhances the lifestyle, encouraging outdoor activities and fostering a connection with nature.

For the audience of, Emerald of Katong is not just a real estate investment; it represents a commitment to quality living and community values. The project’s sustainable features and eco-friendly practices align with the principles of responsible and mindful living, resonating with’s mission to promote community well-being and environmental stewardship.

Investing in Emerald of Katong means becoming part of a vibrant community that values heritage, sustainability, and modern comfort.

Modern Living at Novo Place EC

In the bustling district of Tengah, Novo Place EC stands out as a beacon of modern living infused with ethical practices. Developed by Hoi Hup and Sunway Group, this executive condominium is not just about luxury; it’s about creating a transparent, honest, and sustainable community.

Novo Place EC emphasizes transparency and trust, principles that align with the mission of From the outset, prospective buyers are provided with comprehensive details about the purchase process. This includes clear information on eligibility criteria, financing options, and resale restrictions. This openness ensures that residents can make informed decisions, fostering a sense of security and trust within the community.

Sustainability is at the core of Novo Place EC’s design. The development incorporates advanced green building technologies such as solar panels, energy-efficient systems, and rainwater harvesting. These features reduce the environmental footprint and promote eco-friendly living. This commitment to sustainability not only benefits the environment but also ensures long-term cost savings for residents.

The architectural design of Novo Place EC combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. Spacious units with modern finishes and smart home technologies enhance everyday living. Large windows and open-plan layouts maximize natural light, creating bright and inviting spaces that are both comfortable and energy-efficient.

Community engagement is a key focus at Novo Place EC. The development includes various communal spaces such as gardens, social hubs, and recreational areas. These facilities encourage social interaction and foster a strong sense of community. Regular events and activities provide opportunities for residents to connect, share experiences, and build lasting relationships.

Novo Place EC’s strategic location offers excellent connectivity to major expressways and public transport networks. This ensures that residents have easy access to essential services, educational institutions, and commercial centers. The convenience of this location enhances the overall living experience, making it an ideal choice for urban dwellers seeking a balanced lifestyle.

Innovation at The Chuan Park

Situated in the heart of Lorong Chuan, Singapore, The Chuan Park exemplifies modern living infused with a commitment to integrity and innovation. Developed by Kingsford Development and MCC Singapore, this residential project offers a sophisticated lifestyle that aligns with the principles of transparency and accountability highlighted by

The Chuan Park stands out for its thoughtful design that balances luxury with functionality. Each unit is meticulously crafted to maximize space and natural light, creating a welcoming and serene environment. This meticulous attention to detail reflects the high standards of integrity and quality that advocates.

Community amenities at The Chuan Park are designed to foster a sense of connection and well-being among residents. The landscaped gardens provide a peaceful retreat, while the state-of-the-art fitness center and swimming pool offer spaces for physical rejuvenation. These shared spaces encourage interaction and community building, resonating with the inclusive and transparent approach of

Location is another key advantage of The Chuan Park. Residents enjoy easy access to top educational institutions, shopping centers, and recreational facilities, ensuring a convenient and enriched lifestyle. This accessibility supports a balanced living experience, much like the comprehensive information and resources provided by to foster informed and engaged communities.

The Chuan Park also emphasizes sustainability, integrating eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient systems throughout the development. This commitment to environmental stewardship underscores the project’s dedication to ethical and responsible living, aligning with’s focus on promoting integrity and accountability in all aspects of life.

In essence, The Chuan Park offers more than just a luxurious place to live; it provides a community grounded in values of transparency, sustainability, and innovation. For those who prioritize integrity and quality, The Chuan Park is an ideal home that mirrors the principles championed by

Fume Extra Disposable Vape With 1500 Puffs

If you know about disposable vapes, you might already have heard about Fume Extra. It is one of the most popular disposable vape brands that offer the highest quality and a variety of flavors. Fume has changed the disposable vape industry with its elegant and beautiful designs and authentic products. Its battery-powered disposable vapes are very common and are loved by users from all over the globe.


Fume Extra is one of the premium disposable vapes that Fume offers. It has more than 1500 puffs capacity, with nicotine, and flavored liquid that converts into the fume when you use it. Fume Extra offers flavors of all types for everyone. So, if you like the taste of Cuban cigars, you can get it in your Fume Extra disposable vape. Not just that, fume extra is offering many new vape flavors that appeal to everybody.


You can select the flavor of your choice and Fume Extra will deliver it to you. Also, fume Extra has a beautiful, slick, and stylish design that makes it look cool and trendy. It has been used by many international celebrities and stars from all over the world. So, if you get the Fume Extra Disposable Vape with 1500 puffs, you will be enjoying a high-quality puff every time you inhale. Also, it is a better and healthier option as compared to cigarettes.

Fume Extra Disposable Vape Features:

Here are some of the best features of the Fume Extra Disposable Vape that make it better than the others.

●     1500 Puffs:

This vape has a 1500 puffs capacity which means it would last longer. So, if you are new to e-cigarettes or flavored vapes, you will be able to know about them and enjoy this beginner-friendly Fume Extra Vape. Also, you can get it in any flavor of your choice. So that you can enjoy those 1500 puffs of flavored fume extra disposable vape for a long time. These puffs are created using salt nicotine which is much safer as compared to any other nicotine product. Making the Fume Extra’s 1500 puffs the safest puffs.

●     Powerful Battery:

A lot of people who buy these electric vapes have to worry about the battery because it runs out quickly and you cannot enjoy them properly. But that’s not the case with the Fume Extra Disposable Vape with 1500 Puffs, because it has a long-lasting powerful battery. Its battery would last as long as the pod of your flavor lasts.

●     Silent and Smooth Draw:

The draw from this Vape is the best because the Fume Extra offers a silent and smooth draw using the quiet pipes. The beautiful design of this vape has been created in a way that when you put it in your mouth and take a draw, you get the refreshed flavor from that draw. But this whole procedure is quiet and smooth. This enhances your drawing experience when you are using a quality product like the Fume Extra Disposable Vape with 1500 puffs.

●     100% Authentic:

Fume Extra offers a 100% authentic experience of smoking because it contains real nicotine instead of nicotine-flavored chemicals. That is why the customers like the Fume Extra Disposable Vape so much. A lot of people who just quit smoking and have started using Vape need a dose of nicotine to quit their smoking habit. This authenticity of the Fume Extra Disposable Vape can help them quit smoking and start using the vape. Also, this is much safer because it is authentic. The level of nicotine inside the vape is limited, meaning that it is a controllable limit. That is why it is legal and healthy to use Fume Extra.

●     Design:

This vape has one of the best designs ever. It is thin, slick, beautiful, and practical. It is easy to carry in your pocket, and also easy while it is in your hands. It is shaped like a pen but slightly wider meaning that you would not lose it because it has some weight and you will feel it when it isn’t in your hands and when it is.

●     Variety of Flavors:

This is one of the Pro features of the Fume Extra Disposable vape. It has so many flavors that you can select any of your choices. You can try multiple flavors and select the one that you want. For example, if you like mint ice, you can try that, or if you like cotton candy, you can try that as well. All of these flavors will make you fall in love with this Fume Extra Disposable Vape. Below is a list of the top ten most popular Fume Extra Flavors. To see the entire list, you can visit the website of Fume Extra.

Top Ten Fume Extra Flavors List:

  1. Fume Extra Banana Ice: Offers the sweet and icy taste of the Banana Ice.
  2. Fume Extra Blue Razz: Provinces a blue raspberry candy taste.
  3. Fume Extra Blueberry Mint: Flavor feels like blueberry and mint candy.
  4. Fume Extra Bubblegum: Offers bubblegum flavors and keeps your mouth fresh.
  5. Fume Extra Cotton Candy: Sweet, and soft like cotton candy.
  6. Fume Extra Cuban Tobacco: For those who love Cuban tobacco.
  7. Fume Extra Pina Colada: Provinces the taste of Pina Colada.
  8. Fume Extra Lychee Ice: Offers a sweet, sour, and icy taste of the Lychee Ice.
  9. Fume Extra Mint Ice: Also, provides the icy taste of Mint and keeps your breath fresh.
  10. Fume Extra Strawberry Watermelon: Provinces a strong taste of strawberry and watermelon in one puff.


The Fume Extra is one of the most beautiful, and flavored disposable vapes or e-cigarettes that you can buy. It offers authenticity, and top quality, with nicotine, and multiple flavors of your choice. Also, it is very easy to use this vape because all you have to do is draw and you will feel the flavor of your choice to cheer your mode. It is draw operated, meaning that there are no buttons, and you just need to take a draw or puff and it would release the flavor vape. If you are looking for the best vaping product, Fume Extra should be your first choice.

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