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Scope of Services

Our vast experience in many highly specialized areas uniquely qualifies us to perform in depth investigations in almost all difficult areas of expertise. We have over 1625 associate investigative organizations worldwide to handle your investigative needs.

Marine/Boating Investigations
As a recognized Marine Surveyor having surveyed several thousand vessels, both power and sail, and having testified and qualified as a marine expert in many courts in conjunction with a career in law enforcement and the private investigative field, SVIDOMO is well suited.
Due Diligence
Due diligence is due professional care. It is the standard by which all auditors, company officers and accountants are held. Due diligence in the purchase of a business or the hiring of a senior level manager only makes good sense. Large expense outlays for important equipment, acquisitions.
Background Investigations
As part of a background investigation a criminal record check is performed in the location you request. This is very important. When hiring It would certainly be unwise to hire someone in a position of trust with an arrest background for fraud. We deal with 12% in this service.
Certified Fraud Examiner
Our chief Norberto Hodkiewicz is a Certified Fraud Examiner. This coveted designation is much sought after by professional private investigators in fraud investigation. Only the most knowledgeable are afforded the CFE designation. We deal with 25% in this category.

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Our Other Services

We have highly responsible and professional investigators, guaranteed succes in PERSONAL and PRIVATE Investigations. We ensure Total confidentiality and Responsible use of Information. As specialists in PRIVATE INVESTIGATION and CALIGRAPHIC INVESTIGATION, we have these services as well.


  • Employees Investigation & Contract Conditions.
  • Employment Fraud
  • Pre – Employment Investigation


  • Reports On Status/Solvency Of Companies.
  • Judicial Claims
  • Reports On Individuals
  • Location of Debtors And Goods.


  • Technical Study Of Signatures And Forgeries
  • Analysis Of Documents.
  • Handwriting Studies.